McCleary hearing protest - media roundup


“The legislature has chosen to meet the needs of Boeing’s bottom line rather than the needs of the 1 million children in this state,” explained Jess Spear. “We call on the State Supreme Court to hold the legislature in contempt. There must be consequences for ignoring a court order. The legislature is not above the law.”

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Q13 Fox


The Stranger

Who else was in the room? Oh, only 43rd District legislative candidate Jess Spear, tying this lack of action to a lack of leadership by her opponent, House Speaker Frank Chopp

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The Seattle Times...

The Seattle Times, in the initial online version, and the print edition, carried the following

"Jess Spear, a socialist candidate running against House Speaker Frank Chopp in November’s election, said it was interesting that judges questioned the state on why it gave out tax exemptions to businesses rather than work on education funding.

“It was noteworthy that the state Legislature argued that it was easier to pass a tax handout rather than fund education,” she said. But standing in the back of the hearing room, Spear said she also could see some hesitation on the judges’ faces.

However, this was later removed from the online version - we have been unable to contact the Seattle Times to find out why.

Solidarity with Everett Oil Train Protesters

10534710_639644746149039_3809097326462734668_n.jpgRising Tide Seattle sent out an online petition this morning which says:

"Urgent! Five brave souls have locked down to train tracks at Everett Rail Yard in Everett, Washington.  Abigail Brockway, Elizabeth Spoerri, Patrick Mazza, Mike Lapointe, and Jackie Minchew are local teachers, small business owners, community members, neighbors, and mothers and fathers. They're putting their bodies on the line and risking arrest to take action over global warming and the fossil fuel industry. Numerous community members are there also to support them in this action. This is happening RIGHT NOW to bring attention to the coal and oil train crisis in Washington State. Their petition will be delivered to Governor Inslee demanding a moratorium on coal and oil trains.. The people want to make Washington fossil fuel free and they need you to sign this petition." 

Will you please sign this petition now?


Read Jess' solidarity statement after the flip!

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The World will be What We Make of It: Why Voting, Activism and Getting Involved Matters

Jess Spear, writing for the Monarch Review

"Many feel voting doesn’t change much. But, that’s based on voting for the same corporate politicians whether they hail from the Democratic Party or Republican. It’s time that we link voting, getting engaged, and activism with building a new force of working people. Let’s vote for candidates who reject corporate money and are therefore able to reject the corporate agenda after the election."

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Volunteer Mailing - Countdown to November 5 begins now!

The primary campaign was beyond exciting. While we are gearing up for the next stage, I want to take this time to reflect on why we are running.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be putting out a few updates as we get fired up for the general election. This first one focuses on the fight for 15 across the country and the Tom Morello fundraising concert – check it out here.

And we’ve still got lots going on! On September 3, we’re protesting Olympia’s criminal education underfunding. On September 21, Seattle climate change activists will march, in conjunction with the huge NY demonstration. And we’ll be organizing weekly standouts and more – keep an eye out for upcoming events here.

The Volunteer Kickoff for the next stage of the campaign will be Sunday September 7th. We’ll be showing a short film, discussing why we need representatives independent of big business, and preparing ourselves for the discussions and work ahead of us.

Thank you,

James Parker, 

Volunteer Coordinator for Vote Spear

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Primary result: solid foundation for November

Jess and WFSE activists (personal capacity)
WFSE Leadership of King County personally support Jess Spear - From left to right Keith Gillis, Brooks Salazar, Paula Lukaszek, Doug Nielson, Jess Spear, Ben Peterson, and Ty Pethe

What Does the Primary Result Mean?

If you read only the mainstream media, you would think support for an alternative to corporate politics is “ebbing.”  The Stranger suggested 19% represents that anger at the status quo and the base of support for left wing and socialist candidates is waning.  This is rather curious considering Kshama Sawant only got 11% of the vote against Chopp in 2012 (with their endorsement) and this year Spear won 20% with no major endorsements.  They go on to say the results also indicate that Frank Chopp successfully convinced 80% of Seattle primary voters that the responsibility for decaying social conditions lies solely with the Republicans and not at all with him (as Speaker of the House).

This is completely false and is a fundamental misreading of the political climate.


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Join the election night party!

Get together with Jess Spear & supporters to celebrate the success of the campaign so far and get the results of the primary vote!

We'll be talking about building a movement for affordable housing and rent control & how we can turn the tide to make the corporate elite pay their share for education and transit.

Full details here

No oil trains protest: media roundup

Jess Spear Arrested Protesting Oil Trains in Seattle

 no_oil_trains_photo.jpegJess Spear, candidate for WA State House in Seattle’s 43rd LD, put herself on the line to protect Seattle. Every day, trains carrying oil through Seattle put ordinary people at risk. While Washington State government considers the dangers of oil trains after the recent derailment, Jess Spear and two others blocked the tracks at Broad St. and Elliott Ave and were arrested for trespassing.

“Oil and railroad companies are gambling our lives and our environment for the sake of ever greater profits,” said Jess Spear to supporters and media. “If an oil train crashed and exploded here in the downtown core or near the stadiums, it could kill tens of thousands of people. Every day two of these bombs on wheels travel through our city.”


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Oil Trains: Reckless Endangerment of Thousands

Jess Spear and Kshama Sawant say: Stop oil and coal trains!
Thursday July 31, 12:30pm, at the tracks in Belltown, Broad Street and Elliott Ave (Facebook event)

Councilmember Kshama Sawant and Jess Spear will hold a protest at 12:30 on Thursday at the train tracks in the downtown Seattle Sculpture Park. The demonstration will take place near the intersection of Elliot and Broad - a mile down the line in Belltown from where an oil train derailed last week.

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The final push for the Primary Election


We've got just one week to reach supporters before the primary elections on August 5.

We're campaigning for rent control - to stop runaway rent costs; a fossil fuel free Washington state - a few days after a potentially deadly oil train derailment; and a tax on the rich to fund education, transit, and clean energy.

To do this, we need YOU. This weekend we'll be campaigning in Capitol HillFremont, and the U-district, as well as standing in solidarity with the people of Gaza on Saturday. Come join us in the final push to get the word out!

Every day our volunteers are out campaigning. If you can't make the above events, email our volunteer coordinator and we can get you together with other supporters in your area. 

Then join us at the election night party to celebrate! It's only through your support that we can win a voice for working people in Olympia!

Jess Spear
Socialist Alternative candidate, WA state House, 43rd LD, Pos 2