Primary result: solid foundation for November

Jess and WFSE activists (personal capacity)
WFSE Leadership of King County personally support Jess Spear - From left to right Keith Gillis, Brooks Salazar, Paula Lukaszek, Doug Nielson, Jess Spear, Ben Peterson, and Ty Pethe

What Does the Primary Result Mean?

If you read only the mainstream media, you would think support for an alternative to corporate politics is “ebbing.”  The Stranger suggested 19% represents that anger at the status quo and the base of support for left wing and socialist candidates is waning.  This is rather curious considering Kshama Sawant only got 11% of the vote against Chopp in 2012 (with their endorsement) and this year Spear won 20% with no major endorsements.  They go on to say the results also indicate that Frank Chopp successfully convinced 80% of Seattle primary voters that the responsibility for decaying social conditions lies solely with the Republicans and not at all with him (as Speaker of the House).

This is completely false and is a fundamental misreading of the political climate.


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Join the election night party!

Get together with Jess Spear & supporters to celebrate the success of the campaign so far and get the results of the primary vote!

We'll be talking about building a movement for affordable housing and rent control & how we can turn the tide to make the corporate elite pay their share for education and transit.

Full details here

No oil trains protest: media roundup

Jess Spear Arrested Protesting Oil Trains in Seattle

 no_oil_trains_photo.jpegJess Spear, candidate for WA State House in Seattle’s 43rd LD, put herself on the line to protect Seattle. Every day, trains carrying oil through Seattle put ordinary people at risk. While Washington State government considers the dangers of oil trains after the recent derailment, Jess Spear and two others blocked the tracks at Broad St. and Elliott Ave and were arrested for trespassing.

“Oil and railroad companies are gambling our lives and our environment for the sake of ever greater profits,” said Jess Spear to supporters and media. “If an oil train crashed and exploded here in the downtown core or near the stadiums, it could kill tens of thousands of people. Every day two of these bombs on wheels travel through our city.”


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Oil Trains: Reckless Endangerment of Thousands

Jess Spear and Kshama Sawant say: Stop oil and coal trains!
Thursday July 31, 12:30pm, at the tracks in Belltown, Broad Street and Elliott Ave (Facebook event)

Councilmember Kshama Sawant and Jess Spear will hold a protest at 12:30 on Thursday at the train tracks in the downtown Seattle Sculpture Park. The demonstration will take place near the intersection of Elliot and Broad - a mile down the line in Belltown from where an oil train derailed last week.

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The final push for the Primary Election


We've got just one week to reach supporters before the primary elections on August 5.

We're campaigning for rent control - to stop runaway rent costs; a fossil fuel free Washington state - a few days after a potentially deadly oil train derailment; and a tax on the rich to fund education, transit, and clean energy.

To do this, we need YOU. This weekend we'll be campaigning in Capitol HillFremont, and the U-district, as well as standing in solidarity with the people of Gaza on Saturday. Come join us in the final push to get the word out!

Every day our volunteers are out campaigning. If you can't make the above events, email our volunteer coordinator and we can get you together with other supporters in your area. 

Then join us at the election night party to celebrate! It's only through your support that we can win a voice for working people in Olympia!

Jess Spear
Socialist Alternative candidate, WA state House, 43rd LD, Pos 2

Jess Spear writes for the Stranger

TheStrangerSlog.pngThe Rent is too Damn High, Let's Get it Under Control

"Seattle urgently needs to stabilize rents. Rent control is a mechanism that limits the amount landlords can raise rent by tying it to inflation. This allows for landlords to maintain properties and keep pace with inflation, while preventing big developers from exploiting the basic need for housing by charging astronomical rates. High rents are also one of biggest obstacles faced by small business owners."

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Jess Spear and Kshama Sawant stand with Gaza

We stand in solidarity with the people of Gaza and Palestine at this time of vicious repression. This onslaught will achieve nothing but a mounting death toll. We call for an immediate withdrawal of Israeli troops from the Gaza strip.

This carnage we are witnessing would not have been possible without US taxpayers’ dollars, and Obama and Kerry’s support. They are attempting to defend the indefensible. We call for an end to all US funding for the Israeli war machine.

Protests are taking place around the world, including the mass protests in the West Bank and in Israel. These protests within Israel/Palestine especially offer huge hope of ending the destruction. We will work to build an international mass movement against war and terror, and an end to this system of exploitation and oppression.

Join the protest in Seattle on Saturday July 26 (continues on every Saturday) - Facebook event here

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No more oil trains! For a Fossil Fuel Free WA!


Just days after the Seattle City Council asked the federal government to ban unsafe oil tanker cars, an oil train en route to the Tesoro refinery derailed under the Magnolia Bridge.  Luckily, the train did not spill any oil when the cars derailed.

However, we cannot rely on luck.  These bombs on wheels are endangering our city and must be stopped. 

Our campaign calls for a Fossil Fuel Free Washington and a moratorium on oil and coal trains.  Meanwhile, our opponent, Frank Chopp, is silent on the issue and has accepted $17,325 from fossil fuel companies like:

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Jess Spear in the Monarch Review

"Olympia is broken.

"In 2003, Boeing threatened to outsource jobs and received a whopping $3.2 billion in ransom from our State Legislature. Boeing eliminated thousands of jobs anyway. Last fall, Boeing played the outsourcing card again and this time scored the largest tax handout in U.S. history at $8.7 billion. Already, over 1,000 jobs have been eliminated. Over this same period there have been an average of $6 billion yearly in corporate handouts."

Check out Jess' article in the Monarch Review.

We've also updated our In The Media section, with a whole selection of coverage, from Seattlish, The Stranger, Capitol Hill blog and more - check it out!