No more oil trains! For a Fossil Fuel Free WA!


Just days after the Seattle City Council asked the federal government to ban unsafe oil tanker cars, an oil train en route to the Tesoro refinery derailed under the Magnolia Bridge.  Luckily, the train did not spill any oil when the cars derailed.

However, we cannot rely on luck.  These bombs on wheels are endangering our city and must be stopped. 

Our campaign calls for a Fossil Fuel Free Washington and a moratorium on oil and coal trains.  Meanwhile, our opponent, Frank Chopp, is silent on the issue and has accepted $17,325 from fossil fuel companies like:

BP Oil
Tosco (a shale oil company)
Tesoro (refinery)
WA Oil Marketers Assoc.
Natural Gas PAC

We need bold leaders who will fight for an end to these oil trains and for massive investment in clean, renewable energy.  We also need leaders who are not compromised by corporate cash and stand unapologetically with the people.

Get involved in this grassroots campaign and help us unseat this fossil fuel funded politician.  We won't beat Frank Chopp in corporate donations, but we can beat him in grassroots support. 

Please consider donating $50 to the campaign today, then join us this weekend for a get-out-the-vote rally! 

Jess Spear